Popular Demand: The Week of Naked Marines, Shaved Balls & Much More!

Surprise! Manhunt Daily readers want to jerk off to hot naked Marines, horny coaches, bushy beards, paint-covered muscle dudes and Jon Hamm‘s dick outline. Five out of five of those lovely subjects were amongst last week’s most popular entries. You also argued about tattoos, flipping the bird and shaving your balls… But, uh, how is that different from any other week?

In the next few days ahead, we hope to see the rumored Joe Jonas sex tape, Tony Paradise‘s bottoming debut and the premature cancellation of Golden Gays. Will any of these things happen? Stay tuned in to find out! Until then, thank you for reading, commenting and sending in your tips!

– Dewitt

Take a look at last week’s best posts below:



Marines Have Balls

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2. Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Andrew Stark Fucking Four Hungry Asses In A Row
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6. Straight Guys Are Gay: The Sleepover
7. How Big Is Too Big? Just Ask Jon Hamm.
8. I Have A Big Lesbian Crush On Geoffrey Paine
9. “I Tend To Like Things A Little More… Rough”
10. What Would You Do?: Theon
11. Quickie: Woody Fox
12. Celebrity Skin: Javier Bardem’s Gay Sex Scene (Plus, A Dick Shot!)
13. The Ten: Will Grant Is The Sexiest Man of The Moment
14. The Locker Room: Will Sheehey
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16. Quickie: The Unknown Hot Guy
17. Manhunt Daily Wood: Drew Chanlin
18. Celebrity Skin: Clive Owen’s Butt
19. The Unknown Hot Guy Identified: Almog Gabay
20. Manhunt Daily Wood: Xavier



Balls! Let's talk about 'em.

1. Is Shaving Your Balls A MUST?
2. Caption This: No Pants
3. Manhunt Daily Wood: Xavier
4. Random Question: Is A Hot Guy Pic Less Hot When He’s Giving The Finger?
5. Gay Ass Gossip: Is There A Joe Jonas Sex Tape Coming Out In Which He Licks A Dildo?
6. What Would You Do?: Theon
7. Straight Guys Are Gay: The Sleepover
8. Woof Alert: Justin King
9. The Locker Room: Will Sheehey
10. What The Hell Is Happening In This New Beyoncé Song?
11. Would You Hit That?: Adam Driver
12. Golden Gays: This Is Actually A TV Show That Exists In The World You’re Living In
13. Quickie: The Unknown Hot Guy
14. Hot or Not: Getting Your Butt Shaved
15. Flashback Friday: James Hamilton, Before & After



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