On The Hunt: Roman & Marco

When I first set my eyes on Marco, I immediately stormed into the OnTheHunt office and demanded to know more information. This happens more often than you’d imagine. Any time there’s a new scene, I rush in to pump the site’s director for all the juicy, behind-the-scenes details. Of course, this time I had an ulterior motive.

I wanted to know if Marco bottomed in any of his shoots. You see, there’s nothing I love more than a thick muscle bear getting plowed by someone smaller. Except for maybe being the one who’s plowing him. Overall, I really wanted to see Marco with a dick up his butt…

And then my dreams were crushed. The casting director notified me that Marco only topped on film. While this left me a little bit disappointed, I still got a semi upon seeing that the latest scene involved Marco fucking OnTheHunt alumnus (and, now, omnipresent porn star) Roman Rivers.

As I’m watching the trailer, something occurs to me towards the end–there’s a tattoo on the top’s ass at some point. The same tattoo that Roman Rivers has on his ass. In no time, it occurs to me that Roman is throwing Marco’s ankles in the air and fucking the hell out of him, all whilst the hairy hunk slurps on Rafael Alencar‘s ridiculously huge cock.

WHAT!?! They lied to me! Normally, I’d get mad about something like this, but right now I’m too busy resisting the urge to run to the bathroom and rub one out.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: OnTheHunt

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