My Favorite Shoot: James Jamesson

Gay porn stars provide us with the sexiest fucking, sucking, rimming and riding scenes imaginable. Our spank banks are indebted to them for eternity and beyond. Did you ever wonder what they consider to be their own hottest scenes? We asked our favorite fuckers to let us know what videos they’ve shot that were the steamiest or most memorable for them. If you’ve read any of my other posts here on the Daily, you know that I am so hard for a ginge. Howabout a hot ginge with a big ole’ cock that he can suck all by himself? A hot ginge who will tie your ass up, stuff a dildo in your mouth, and fuck you silly? He’s limber, he’s ginger, he’s James Jamesson.

Note: James was kind enough to submit this back to us in June, before Good Little Piggy Boy had been released on Next Door Buddies.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Next Door Buddies

To read about James Jamesson’s favorite shoot, Follow the JUMP:

Although there’s many instances of different shoots and scenes I could mention as “My Favorite Shoot” one scenes in particular stands out, the problem is, that scene has not been released yet. Once it is you will understand why exactly this is my personal favorite. This past April I was shooting with Next Door Studios and I had a scene with Steven Daigle from Big Brother 10. The scene was amazing and I got to show how verbally and physically dominant I like to be.

I really had a ton of fun torturing Steven and from what I could see, he was loving it too. I remember after the scene he told me that what got him off was how verbal and nasty I was. I must have called him a “pig” or  a variation of that or similar words at least 100 times in the scene. One point in particular that was especially fun was when I was face-fucking him and I plugged his nose and said “no more air for you bitch” hahaha totally great way to let off some steam.

The videographer was very pleased with the scene too. I remember him saying that he had goosebumps from it and he complimented me because I made a day-to-night transition in terms of my performance and how verbal I have become. That was also the day that Next Door made me exclusive and I signed a contract until the end of this year. So you can see why this scene and day has stuck in my head. Once the scene comes out, you also will see why.

Oh, we see why! If you like your porn filled with hot domination, or if you just have a hankering to see Steven Daigle humiliated, dominated, and violated – Good Little Piggy Boy is the shit! Thanks, James, you hot ginger fuckstud.

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