Mike DeMarko And Mike Maverick Discuss Their “Big Dick Rental”

Mike DeMarko (you might know him from having seen a baseball bat in his ass) and Mike Maverick have GIANT cocks. Hence their appearance on Extra Big Dicks. Maverick really likes big dicks, especially when they come with the rental property. Oh, and there’s convenient trash cans to be bent over for salad tossing and buttfucking!

Mike sucks and gags on the huge cock for a while before they switch places. Mike DeMarko then bends Mike Maverick over the trash can and begins rimming his ass deep. He fucks him long and deep for a while and then asks that Mike Maverick fuck him. Mike DeMarko rides Mike’s big cock at first and then he bends over and Mike Maverick drives his cock deep inside his ass.

DeMarko shoots his load, hands-free and just from getting fucked (!), all over the floor! Maverick’s load ends up coating his ass. You can take down the rental sign cuz’ this deal has been sealed. With semen.

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Michael Xavier

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