Marvel Comics’ Gay Superheroes Wish You A Happy Pride!

Damn, check out the cakes on Shatterstar! As a gay comics fan, this portrait of all of Marvel’s gay comic book characters made me a little teary. Look at all the queer heroes that are saving the Marvel universe on a daily basis. Seriously, artist L. Rey Arzeno did a bang-up job on Shatterstar’s cakes.

The very first openly gay superhero was Northstar (the dude almost in the center with the glossy hair and amazing abs). He came out in Alpha Flight #106 in 1992. And he’s marrying his boyfriend Kyle in Astonishing X-Men #51 this month. I’ll be honest – it seems like a bit of a stunt to me to boost sales as opposed to organic storytelling. But stunts also advance the cause, so I’m not complaining that much.

Most of these characters are affiliated with Marvel’s mutant characters – the X-Men. One of Marvel’s headlining comics (along with its bajillion spin-offs), the series has always been about those who are born different and risk their lives protecting a world that hates and fears them. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that the X-Men have tons of gay fans? (Btw – I protect the world that hates and fears me by recycling.)

– J. Harvey

To get the lowdown on Marvel’s gay characters, Follow the Jump:

From left to right:

Anole – mutant and gay teenage hero who has the abilities of a human lizard.

Shatterstar – He of the bubble butt. A genetically engineered warrior from another dimension, he’s bisexual and in a relationship with his best bud, Rictor.

Rictor – Mexican mutant who can create earthquakes. Rictor and Shatterstar’s attraction was hinted at for years and only recently did writer Peter David finally reveal they’re a couple in the pages of X-Factor.

Karma – mutant who can posses people. Karma is a Vietnamese lesbian who came out in a story set at the Burning Man festival. Unfortunately, she didn’t keep the pink crewcut she had in that story.

Mystique – Bisexual bad girl who is centuries old but her ability to shape-shift keeps her hot. Rebecca Romijn played her in the movie adaption of X-Men and Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence played young Mystique in X-Men: First Class. The most famous writer of X-Men, Chris Claremont, tried like hell to get across that Mystique and her constant companion Destiny (sadly deceased now) were lesbian lovers back in the day but Marvel had a “no homos” rule in the 80s. Gross.

Northstar – Aforementioned Canadian mutant who can fly at super-speed. Trailblazing character.

Daken – Mutant son of probably the most popular Marvel character besides Spider-Man, Wolverine. He’s evil as hell, hates his dad, and is openly bisexual. I think it’s good that we’ve got some LGBT villains. They always get the best lines.

Lucy In The Sky – One of Marvel’s Runaways characters, Lucy is the daughter of two extraterrestrials, and can fly and control light. She’s canoodling there with her girlfriend Xavin.

Xavin – a member of an alien race, the shape-shifting Skrulls. Xavin realized she was actually a girl and a lesbian when she kept reverting t0 female form during arguments with Lucy.

Wiccan – 1/2 of the most adorable gay teenage couples in pop culture, he’s the magical boyfriend of his half-Skrull (wow, they get around) boyfriend Hulkling.

Hulkling – Blond, green and strong like his namesake, cute as a button and in the Young Avengers along with Wiccan.