Kelly Clarkson: “Catch My Breath”


Browsing through the track-list for Kelly Clarkson‘s upcoming compilation Greatest Hits – Chapter One, I was reminded how much I love Kelly Clarkson. This is largely because the set relies on Kelly’s golden era between 2004-2006, when she released a string of insanely catchy singles from her sophomore album Breakaway… But let’s not dwell on the details! When Kelly Clarkson’s great, she’s fucking great. Please see “Since U Been Gone” for reference.

Though this collection arguably snubs some of Kelly’s better selections from My December and her debut album Thankful, it should be noted that it takes the term “greatest hit” quite literally. The lowest charting song is “Already Gone” (#13 on Billboard Hot 100), and the only non-hits are “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and the three new songs recorded for this project.

(For those of you who are fact-checking me, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” was a number one country hit. So there.)

Amongst the new tracks—including a duet with Vince Gill—pop tune “Catch My Breath” was singled out to promote the album’s release. The song doesn’t take any risks creatively, but why should it? This is classic Kelly in every respect. It seems appropriately placed on her greatest hits collection, even if it doesn’t achiever “greatest hit” status (which it should).

– Dewitt

Click through to listen to “Catch My Breath”: