JJ Knight Works At HotHouse’s Sex Hospital, Too!

DAMN at Landon Mycles body. That leg thrown over JJ! I was still recovering from the Austin Wolf/Armond Rizzo scene from a few days ago when HotHouse dropped the NEXT chapter of “Internal Specialists!” Austin had barely had time to stop spinning Armond on his cock when I learned that JJ Knight is also a doctor and Landon is his sexy patient! Landon thinks he might have pulled a muscle (guess which muscle) and JJ Knight diagnoses it as tension. He’s really a man of medicine as he treats Landon with an ass massage. Landon must have tension in his uvula as well, because JJ probes his throat with his giant cock. If my doctor was a hot porn guy (my doctor in real life is a pleasant lesbian, so there’s not a lot of fantasy fodder there), I’d be dropping trou and presenting my jockstrapped ass to JJ Knight’s cock, too!

There’s more of JJ and Landon below. Watch the ENTIRE scene at HotHouse by clicking this very sentence!

Michael Xavier