James Franco’s Birthday Cake Confirms His Homosexuality.

You gotta give it to James Franco. He could give less than zero fucks about everyone thinking he’s into man ass. In fact, he just keeps incorporating gay themes into his work and career to rub all the gay-sayers’ noses in it (that would include  me cuz’ I think he’s gayer than Christmas). Franco produced and directed Interior. Leather Bar., which was an attempt at resurrecting the “lost 40 min.” of infamous gay flick Cruising. And he’s played more than a few gay roles. And he was on General Hospital. AFTER he made it big as a movie star. Uh huh. Dewitt doesn’t think Jimmy Franco is gay, but I do. A man that pretty can’t be straight.

As further evidence, check out his birthday cake!


Let’s see. Anal beads. A dildo. A ball gag. Leather.  James Franco is a gay, kinky-ass motherfucker!  AND WE LOVE IT.

By the way, I want my next birthday cake made by these people.  I bet they make an AMAZING shaved butthole cake. My birthday’s in June, everyone! Hint, hint.

Now I want to see Franco in a ballgag, with anal beads getting yanked out of his tight ass. Knowing him, that’s not far off.