It Happened On Manhunt: The Green Briefs

I’ve been sitting on this submission for It Happened On Manhunt for awhile now, and boy is my butt sore! Thank you. I’ll be here all night… But, um, yeah! Bad jokes aside, I’ve held off on sharing this super-hot story all because I couldn’t find a damn visual supplement.

Then, it hit me! There is a site called Google.

Upon searching for “green briefs”, I came across these pictures of gay porn star Paddy O’Brian modeling for a site called Banglads (which sadly doesn’t involve him banging any lads or fucking any arses). They are perfect. Just like this story.

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– Dewitt

Photo credit: Banglads

Click through to read this member’s story and see more pics of Paddy O’Brian:

You want an It Happened On Manhunt story? Fine, I’ll give you my best one.

I was logged in one night in the winter of 2008, when a cute guy with a shaved head messaged me. I’m not a big fan of the immediate “Looking?” email. Call me a sapiosexual if you must, but I have to know you’re not just a cock that has figured out the internet.

Anyway, we exchanged several messages, had a nice little back-and-forth for about an hour, and then he invited me to his hotel out by the airport.

“Fuck! It is late, and I’m tired and it is cold outside. Had he only invited me over an hour ago,” I thought. “How about tomorrow?” I asked.

He couldn’t. His flight had been cancelled that day, and he was just crashing out at a hotel for the evening. I should have just sucked it up and headed out there. But I didn’t. I stayed in and flipped on my webcam, and we ended up having a really great conversation for the rest of the night, talking about things like where we were from and where we went to college.

I’m a semi-hairy Latin guy from California, while he is a corn-fed, smooth white boy. We were both a little cubby then.

The night ended with us beating off together online while talking about what we wanted to do to each other. I wanted to do a lot of things, particularly to his nice, round ass. I love a white boy with a booty.

So, where was he flying? Back to Japan for work. Again, fuck! My cute, cubby Midwesterner lives in Tokyo?

We spent the next year emailing, IMing and video chatting. I had the most intense orgasms of my life Skyping with him. Regularly, my cum would reach my face or even my headboard. We both even started being virtual workout buddies, and we both slimmed down and bulked up a bit. Over time, however, our conversations became more friendly than sexual. We were buddies.

“Hey, I’m coming to your city for a training,” he emailed me one day.

I was not sure what to expect. Would we or wouldn’t we? For safe measure, I wore the green briefs that he had once said initially drew him to message me. We met for beers and had a great conversation. It wasn’t flirty, in fact it was like meeting up with an old friend. An old friend whose lips I wanted on my dick.

The more time we hung out, the more convinced I became that we would soon be naked. Just need to make it happen. Every thought managed to make its way back to it. “Oh yeah, you saw the art museum? I want you to see my my cock,” I thought. I had a raging boner during most of the meet up.

He mentioned how small his hotel room was: “Dude, you gotta see this thing. It is like a shoe box.”

Invitation or just random observation be damned, I was going up there. The tension in the elevator was palpable, but unspoken. We got to his room and his computer was open to some porn. I made fun of it and as he was laughing, I lunged.

We started making out and I had him naked seconds later. He was excited to see the briefs in person, while I was ecstatic to be able to grab that nice ass I had seen so many times on the grainy screen.

He wouldn’t let me fuck him – he’s a top — but we still had a great time making out and just taking turns on each other. It was so long ago that I don’t remember the blow-by-blow – pun intended – but let’s just say it went om for awhile and was a damn good time.

He later mocked me for not being great at sucking dick, which is totally true. What can I say? I’m much better at receiving.

He was back in town about six months later and we hooked up again, that time inviting a bottom over. We’ve seen each other a few times since then, but our relationship has turned back to friendship. He says that our hooking up is a thing of the past, though.

“You’re like a real person and you’re my friend now, it would be too weird,” he says.

But on the upside, he is living in the US again, I’ve realized that I’m great at rimming, and he has made the switch to “versatile.” Hmm, I might owe him a visit… But I better remember to pack the green shorts.