How Did We Miss Two Guys Making Out On The Field?

One of the nifty things about writing a blog for a big gay company is that the majority of the employees are into what you’re writing about – hot guys doing homosexual things. If Dewitt or I miss a trick (so to speak), it’s inevitable someone will shoot us an e-mail with boner-inducing content. Even the janitor sends me gay fuck flick screencaps. Here’s a prime example.

Tim Tebow isn’t the only professional athlete making out with his teammates when they hit a homerun…make a touchdown…get it in the clown’s mouth…whatever athletes do. French soccer players Mathieu Debuchy and Olivier Giroud recently tongue-lashed each other after scoring a goal during a game last month. This should be part of a training film in every professional sports locker room.

After the jump, there’s a team snapshot. That’s Mathieu in the towel on the right. Just think, he has probably made out with every other dude in that picture with him. Slut.

– J. Harvey (via Unicorn Booty)

To watch the video of soccer players in love, Follow the JUMP: