Hot or Not: Sweatpants

Little known fact—When I go to pick up a dozen bagels on a Sunday morning, I’m not going for the bagels. The local shop is always packed with hot college boys, all of whom woke up from a heavy night of drinking, threw on some sweatpants and stumbled in for some hangover food.

Nine times out of ten, they are going commando. Their dicks are just swinging around beneath that thin piece of fabric. They’ll grab their junk or bend over to pick something up, almost as if they’re teasing me with a near perfect view of their ass cheeks…

Obviously, I find this very hot. And for the sake of not sounding like that creepy old man, I should remind you that it wasn’t so long ago when I was one of those hot college boys myself. But, oh gosh! I’m totally that creepy old man, right? Shit.

But let’s return to the topic at hand. Does anyone else think sweatpants are oddly sexy? They seem to have a bad reputation with the more fashionable gays, so I won’t be too surprised if some of you disagree with me…

– Dewitt

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