He’s Gay: “Good Morning America” Weatherman Sam Champion


[Ed. note – We just thought he looked hot in those jeans.]

I’m predicting that, by this time next year, every guy on your television will have off-handedly mentioned they like cock. Seriously, everyone on TV is gay. Don’t believe that they’re not unless you see them joyously porking a vagine.

Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion recently came out in a New York Times article that wasn’t even about him! It was a piece on the wedding of the  FIRST openly gay news anchor Thomas Roberts. Champion and his fiance Rubem Robierb just happened to be gliding by and off-handedly told the reporter that they were planning on getting married in NYC and then honeymooning in Miami for NYE. Casually coming out is our favorite trend of 2012.

Among the 170 or so guests at the reception was Sam Champion, the weather anchor at ABC’s “Good Morning America.” He took a turn on the dance floor with his partner, the photographer Rubem Robierb.

“We’re getting married New Year’s Eve in Miami,” Mr. Champion said in the spirit of the moment.

Mr. Robierb corrected him: “We’ll do it here officially, and then have a party in Miami.”

Champion later Tweeted his happiness about being publicly open about his sexuality:


Congratulations, Sam!

– J. Harvey (via Buzzfeed)