Have You Ever: Sniffed Someone Else’s Underwear?

Back in college, my next door neighbors asked me to feed their cat over winter break. They were going on vacation to Greece or something. The exact location isn’t really relevant to the story. All you need to know is that I had a key to their house, and the guy who lived next door basically set my puberty into motion. His wife was a lucky woman.

Now, I wouldn’t have ever thought of going into their bedroom, but part of our arrangement was that I’d spend a half-hour a day petting and playing with their little man-pussy. His name was Dante, and he was particularly fond of hide-and-seek… And surprise! One time he hid in the lovely couple’s bedroom.

So as I’m searching for Dante, I noticed a small pile of dirty laundry in the corner. Understandably, they didn’t feel the need to clean this up, under the assumption that their cat-sitter (me) wouldn’t be invading their most private quarters. Of course, had I not done so, I wouldn’t have fallen into temptation. The temptation of a freshly-worn pair of white briefs.

There was a bit of hesitation on my part. Did I really want to be that slimeball who sniffs my neighbor’s underwear? Before I could even think about this question, it appeared the answer was clearly “yes”. My nose was buried deep in that musky fabric, taking in every whiff of his masculine scent.

Naturally, I went home afterward and jerked off three times in a row. The thought occurred to me that I probably could have stolen those undies without any consequences, but I wasn’t ready to be that much of a creepster just yet. I’d save that for my later years in the gym locker room, you know?

This is a terribly long-winded story, so I should probably get to the point. Have you ever had a similar experience of sniffing another guy’s underwear? Were you ever caught? If not, did you consider keeping them for your own masturbational purposes? Tell us your stories!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men Over 30

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