Have You Ever: Eaten A Food Product Off Someone’s Dick?

Chocolate sauce. Honey. Whipped Cream. Mustard? These represent a very small portion of the various food items you can eat off someone’s dick. Essentially, if it’s edible and somewhat viscous, you can probably put it on a dick and lick it off. ::gasp:: With your tongue!

While I’m not personally into the whole food sex thing, the appeal isn’t lost on me. You like sucking cock, and you like eating chocolate. Why not combine the two and have an orgasmic experience? There may be more to it than that, but I couldn’t tell you myself! Out of curiosity, have you ever done anything like this? Leave a comment with your story.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Haze Him

To check out some pics of mustard on a dick, follow the JUMP:

Also, we were gonna save these for our next edition of Caption This, but…

We particularly enjoy this last shot. Major LOLWAB moment.