HAIM: “Don’t Save Me”

HAIM - Don't Save Me

I’m late picking up on Los Angeles trio HAIM. It’s rather likely they have some interesting backstory that would either intrigue me or make me hate them, but quite frankly, I don’t have the energy to do the research at the moment. All I know is that their rock-pop jam “Don’t Save Me” is quite the earworm. And that’s all that really matters.

If you, like me, are a sucker for ’90s nostalgia and girl group sensibilities, then you might want to listen to this song. If you hate everything and dream about drowning puppies at night, then you might not want to listen to this song. Given these two options, I think you know what you need to do.

– Dewitt

Click through to listen to “Don’t Save Me”:

Original music video:

Cyril Hahn remix, available as free download here: