You Guys Know Bromo’s “The Intruder” Is Just Fantasy, Right?

Can we talk about Leon Lewis? Dude is packed and stacked!


He’s the victim in the latest installment of Bromo’s The Intruder. Leon’s just trying to do his laundry when fiendish and stealthy Brad Powers pops out at him.


Let the role play begin!

Note: Yes, role play. The Intruder’s teasers now begin with a note that reminds us that this series is just role-playing between roommates. Ugh, so some dummy must have whined. IT’S FANTASY. I sound so twatty because the fine print at the beginning delayed my jacking off. That makes me salty.

Brad ties Leon up, slaps his buttcheeks like bongos, and then slides his big, thick cock into his ass.


Pretty soon, Leon is being righteously pumped until Brad’s dick hits his prostate just right and Leon HAS to summon a big creamy load.


I love The Intruder series. Cuz’ I realize it’s a FANTASY. Sorry, Mondays make me cranky.

Check out more of Leon Lewis and Brad Powers in The Intruder below. You can jerk off to the entire scene here.

Michael Xavier