Gay Terms We Hate: Cum Dumpster

I know we’re dudes, but do we HAVE to be so gross? It’s funny, gay guys are often portrayed as uptight, feminine types who have no use for raunchy behavior.

(Stop looking at me and saying “isn’t that why YOU write this feature, queen?”)

That’s a lame stereotype that  has and will always be TOTAL BULLSHIT. Gay guys can be just as “boys will be boys” in their behavior as hets. I first heard a gay guy drop “cum dumpster”, and then all of a sudden straight guys were using it to describe frat house gangbang service workers. Much like making the athletic shoe into casualwear, the murse, and shaving your balls, we’re always setting the trends.  Even when it comes to creatively labeling the town’s Pass-Around Patty (a gay term I LOVE).

No judgements about sluts! This is Manhunt, after all. But “cum dumpster”….it just summons images of a…well, a dumpster…filled to the brim with spunk! Some of you bukkake enthusiasts would be erecting a diving board in front of it. I am no stranger to protein shakes, but fuck, that’s a lot of spooj. And “dumpster” = “trash”. No one wants to be considered trash except for the odd Kardashian or Real Housewife.

There are much nicer and less gnarly ways to label someone a whore besides “cum dumpster.” Expert, popular, skilled, cocksman? A good sport? What are yours?

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

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