Gay Ass Gossip: Calvin Klein’s Ex Hired Help Has Written A Book About How Irresistable He Is To Humans


ITEM – Nick Gruber is an occasional gay porn performer and former paid companion (he got a 25K Bentley and a penthouse out of it) to ancient fashion guru Calvin Klein. Like all enterprising gold diggers, girlfriend has written a book about her experiences. In it, he relays the tale of how Calvin put him up in his own place for awhile, gave him that car, got his horse teeth fixed for him, and then nixed him when the housekeeper narced on him for having a friend stay over. He also claims that Klein made him take a lie detector test at one point to see if Nick was being faithful. I understand the impulse, but the fuck? That is going to some jealousy extremes. You can afford a boy of equal or greater value, Cal. The best part of the book is this little passage:

“I was the first man [Calvin] fell in love with. I don’t know why, but there’s, like, something about me that attracts everyone. I have a nickname called Romeo. I get every girl, and even guys. Something about me draws them all in.”

Oh, how you talk, Nick Gruber! Granted, you take a sweet photo. And you’ve got the body. And your teeth game improved. And…wow, maybe I am being drawn in by his extreme hotness. I can’t afford this lie detector bullshit, though.

– J. Harvey (via DListed)

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