Fuck, Marry, Block: Hunger Games

I’m into the Hunger Games thingy. Hey, it could be worse, it could be depressive vampires in love with mumbling girls. The trilogy about a sucky future world in which young people battle each other to the death for food has been read by millions, and you don’t have a young adult book trilogy without the requisite movie. The film version of the first book drops into the gladitorial arena in March.

Lions Gate Films just released the above still showing some of the main male characters in the movie. You’ve got one of Peeta (the heroine’s love interest) who’s played by Josh Hutcherson. Woody Harrelson is the drunken and bewigged Haymitch, who is Katniss’ coach. Rock’n’rolla Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna, the heroine Kat’s costumer and a character that I was SURE the film studio was going to make flamingly gay because movie executives are usually idiots but they seem to have chosen wisely here.

Let’s play “Fuck, Marry, Block” with Josh, Woody, and Lenny. I already know my answer. Damn, he’s dreamy. Wait, though, Woody supposedly has a huge cock. And Lenny is..well, Lenny. This might actually be hard! I guess we should take Woody’s wig into consideration.

– J. Harvey

Josh Hutcherson

Woody Harrelson

Lenny Kravitz