Fuck, Marry, Block: Guys From Christmas Movies

Ooooooooh, we are STRETCHIN’ this holiday season to fulfill our Manhunt Daily feature requirements! Being a cunty Scrooge of the highest order, the only holiday movie I enjoy (besides Charlie Brown) is the George C. Scott-version of A Christmas Carol. Why? Because their version of Marley’s Ghost scared the ass off of me when I was a kid. Holy shite! And he unties his jaw and it drops open like in the book with a weird creaking sound? FUCK! I had nightmares! I cried over my presents that year because I was scared he was gonna show up with his boxes, chains, bandages and wide-eyed “shit sucks cuz’ I was a miserly dick when I was alive” stare to kill me!


Here are some guys who have appeared in a Christmas movie. One of em’ you need to just stick the candy cane in (or get his stuck in YOU), one of em’ you need to make that mistletoe moment into a marriage, and one of you need to stuff coal up his ass via your Manhunt profile. BLOCK. Let us know in the comments section.

– J. Harvey

RALPHIE! (Peter Billingsley from A Christmas Story)

Jude Law (The Holiday)

Bruce Willis (Die Hard – shut up, it took place on Christmas!)