Exclusive Video Interview: Josh West & Troy Daniels

The alternative title of this entry is “Josh West Wouldn’t Mind If Your Ass Tasted Like Bacon“. That’s only one of many delightfully odd topics covered in our exclusive video interview with Josh West and Troy Daniels. They also tackle such important issues as orgy etiquette, jizz rainstorms, costume parties for buttholes and the downside of having a gigantic penis.

Yes! Costume parties for buttholes. We went there, and the beautiful people at NakedSword were kind enough to go there with us and indulge our borderline-insane questions. They filmed this interview for us shortly after Josh and Troy finished fucking in Private Party, the site’s latest original series (directed by mr. Pam, who previously brought us the beyond-excellent Hooker Stories series).

Now, we don’t mean to toot our own horns so shamelessly… But if you watch one gay porn interview this week, it should be this one. Did we mention that they talk about BACON?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: NakedSword

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