Everything Butt: Shay Michaels

When people ask me about the number one person I’d sleep with, I often forget to answer “Shay Michaels“. My first instinct is to go with my ultimate celebrity crush Mark Ruffalo, but any idiot who’s seen him naked could tell you that his ass is nowhere near as remarkable as Shay Michaels’.

Speaking of which, Shay’s paired up with Samuel Colt for a new scene by, um, COLT. They’re wearing leather outfits that I’d normally find ridiculous, except I’m too distracted by Shay’s fuzzy mounds to notice anything else… You’re welcome to join me as I look at those mounds, touch myself and fantasize about doing unspeakable things to them.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

Click through to see Shay’s gloriously hairy cheeks:

See more of Shay’s gorgeous ass on COLT‘s site!