Drawn To You: The Best of 2011

Giant, nine-foot tall penises. An incredibly raunchy sex scene between Wolverine and Colossus. Cam Gigandet getting masturbated by a pair of magic gloves. Were it not for our Drawn To You series, you might not have witnessed any of these sights.

Alas, despite a brief tango with extinction, the series bounced back this year and brought some of your wildest fantasies to life. This is our list of the ten most popular entries of 2011. Fair warning? The last image might traumatize you (again).

– Dewitt

Click through for the best art and erotic illustration of 2011:



We wrote: “Have you ever wondered what The Incredible Hulk would look like dressed up in Emma Frost drag? What about if The Riddler had been in a relationship with one of his burly henchmen? Wait, what’s that you say? You’ve never imagined any of these things? Well, good thing Musson’s here to do it for you!”



We wrote: “‘The Emperor’ combines photography by McKenzie James with illustrations by Andrew Coimbra, resulting in a much hotter take on Hans Christian Andersen‘s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. As you can probably guess, we’re absolutely loving this!”



We wrote: “I could totally do the freak nasty with Dr. Hank McCoy. Beefy bod, dazzling blue eyes and big-ass feet? That’s basically my equation for a full-fledged cum geyser. Ergo, you’ll easily understand why I enjoyed this series of drawings by Nathan M. Rosario. These could only be better if there were a version with Hank’s huge, dripping uncut cock.”



We wrote: “When we first saw his “School Fantasy” video, the whole high school coach creampie premise made us a bit uneasy. There’s a pretty good chance we’re overanalyzing this. I mean, it’s just toon porn, right? But are we the only ones who think there’s something sketchy (no pun intended) about the scenario?”



We wrote: “Feel like you’re having a bad case of déjà vu? Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! Erotic artist Nickie was featured in our Drawn To You series over a year ago. If you have any doubts about why we’re going back for second helpings, then we encourage you to check out a few of his latest pieces (along with some old favorites).”



We wrote: “Bless the kind soul who dreamt to commission The Humplex to make this illustration! I mean, Cam Gigandet getting jerked off by a pair of magic gloves? We can totally get behind that fantasy. Especially after finally seeing that buck-naked Famous Amos scene from Burlesque. That scene alone justified that wretched movie’s existence, and this drawing alone will justify Cam Gigandet’s career as a professional actor.”



We wrote: “Some of the artwork in Kamui Jack‘s portfolio will elicit a giant WTF reaction from all you so-called ‘normal’ folks out there. Having said that, if you’d be into the idea of Wolverine getting fucked in a jockstrap by an extraordinarily well-hung Colossus, then you’ll definitely want to click through for more of his work.”



We wrote: “I’ve been known to get frisky with a hot picture of Wolverine or Bigby Wolf, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. With that said, they really can’t compare to the roster of Class Comics! Company partner Patrick Fillion has consistently churned out exciting stories and orgasmic illustrations.”



We wrote: “While gay porn studios may be able to pull off a few ‘special effects’ (see the floating penises and threesomes of Dominic Ford‘s Whorrey Potter), it’s not often that they’re able to create vast, magical worlds. Take this spin on the classic Jack and the Beanstalk tale as an example. A tiny twink strokes a legitimately ‘giant’ cock, and the cumshot is enough to blow him right into the air.”



We wrote: “Some people are into toon cock. I mean, who hasn’t imagined what their favorite cartoon character would look like naked? It may not necessarily be a sexual interest. Sometimes, you just need a good laugh, and it’s funny to think about Mister Fantastic‘s stretchy manhood or what Fred and Barney get into when their wives aren’t looking.”



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