Drawn To You: Animan

There are a few aspects of Animan‘s work that we don’t really like. When we first saw his “School Fantasy” video on Fleshbot, the whole high school coach creampie premise made us a bit uneasy. There’s a pretty good chance we’re overanalyzing this. I mean, it’s just toon porn, right? But are we the only ones who think there’s something sketchy (no pun intended) about the scenario? As it goes, most commenters on Dudetube thought it was totally hot.

Since we didn’t feel particularly comfortable posting that clip, we thought we’d invite you to check out a couple of Animan’s other pieces. The fact of the matter? We were a bit turned on by the way he depicted his “mature” characters’ massive, hairy buttocks. We just wish there were a way to check those animated twinks’ IDs… Because, um, this is still veers into slightly disturbing territory.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Animan

To check out a few of the animation clips, follow the JUMP:

An interesting spin on Hanna-Barbera’s Top Cat, starring Officer Dibble: