“Coming Out On Top”: Dating Simulation For Gays


Because we need silly distractions as much as the heteros! A designer named Obscura has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her gay dating simulation game – “Coming Out On Top.” It’s sort of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” for your smartphone. Your character is a newly out-of-the-closet college student that’s socializing on the gay scene for the first time. What interested us about this is that Obscura draws hot guys! She’s a straight woman who likes naked dudes getting sexy with each other. Witness –


“About a year ago, I played a dating [simulation] from Japan on my iPod,” she says. “Apparently dating sims are pretty big over there, and I thought, ‘Hey, this seems like a pretty simple type of game to design! I could do something like this!’

But Obscura says she couldn’t think of any hetero storylines that interested her. “My husband knows I like, um, watching entertainment involving nude men,” she says diplomatically. “And he suggested I do a dating sim about a gay guy. This, combined with the fact that I love drawing the male physique made this project a very natural outlet for me creatively.”

That’s the interesting part that might actually make me download this if she gets her funding. The game will be 18+ and have “erotic content.” Which means hot cartoon guys fucking. You can do just about anything in an art environment. You can have bubble butt muscle boys with 23 inch dicks fucking each other on the back of unicorn/dragon hybrids. This probably isn’t the game where you’re going to see that. I’ll send Obscura a request.

If you’d like to help a bitch out, go here. Considering my spotty dating record, I probably could have used something like this to console myself with when I was single.

– J. Harvey

For more samples of Obscura’s artwork and her video intro, Follow the JUMP: