Colby Jansen Is Going To Bottom.

Cool your jets! This isn’t some exclusive gossip about Colby Jansen being the next willing subject in MEN.COM‘s “Top To Bottom” series. It turns out that Liam Magnuson will follow in the footsteps of Tony Paradise and Paddy O’Brian as the latest top-only performer to give up his ass on camera. He’ll be appearing in the third chapter of the series with ginger wonder Connor Maguire, but we’ll get back to that later in this post.

For now, let’s talk about this video:

It was filmed at the most recent Manhunt pool party, shortly before my darling co-blogger J. Harvey interviewed Mr. Jansen and (allegedly) rubbed lotion on his back. I was torn apart that I couldn’t be there to sit on Colby’s lap while drinking beers together, and even though I’m pretty certain he’s pulling my leg with this video, the fact of the matter is that he said he was going to let me fuck him on camera… And I believe Colby Jansen is a man of his word.

Therefore, I’m in the process of building a time machine to go back and make things right. I will bring nothing but a USB stick with this video file on it, proving to Colby that he promised me a piece of his beefy ass. My tongue will then flick against his hole while the rest of the pool party attendees watch me make him moan. And then I will fuck him. Hard. Deep. Passionately.

So yeah! Colby Jansen is going to bottom. He just doesn’t know it yet.

– Dewitt

And, now, back to the news that Liam Magnuson bottomed:

Liam Magnuson bottoms for Connor Maguire.

Liam Magnuson bottoms for Connor Maguire.