Celebrity Studs Looking Sexy At The Teen Choice Awards

That surfboard trophy looks so friggin’ unwieldy. What if you didn’t come in a stretch Hummer? What if you’re one of those environmentally conscious celebs who rolled up in a Prius? Strap it to the top, I guess. Nickelodeon held their Teen Choice Awards and Zac Efron is so PAPABALLS. He’s just beautiful. Could he look anymore like a gay porn performer? He’s already been signaling that he’s subconsciously considering that as a future career choice. Sitting on poles, and flashing his beautiful buttocks on hotel balconies is telling. Absolutely tantalizing!

Here’s some pics of Zac, and some other PAPABALLS celebs at the Teen Choice Awards.

– J.Harvey

Zac Efron

Ian Somerhalder

Colton Haynes

Darren Criss

Josh Hutcherson

Taylor Lautner

Tyler Posey

And what in dehydrated hell happened to the normally stunning Joe Jonas?

Did his friend suck all the sexy out of him?