Celebrity Skin: Scott Caan

Yes, that’s Scott Caan‘s face Photoshopped onto Paul Wagner‘s body. There’s a whole series of images like this somewhere, but why would you want to look at those when you can look at actual naked(ish) pictures of the Hawaii 5-0 star?

Caan hasn’t shown much skin below the waist since around 1999-2000 (unless you count the oh-so-famous scrotum slip a few years back). We’re okay with this, as long as he keeps taking off his shirt and showing off that gloriously hairy chest… But we wouldn’t argue if he took off his pants too.


– Dewitt

Click through to see real naked pics of Scott Caan:

Sexy recent shots:

In the 2006 comedy The Dog Problem:

In the 2000 film Ready To Rumble:

In the 1999 film Varsity Blues:

Obligatory nut sack shots: