Caption This: Three Guys, Three Panels

Before you think this is the lamest Caption This competition ever, we encourage you to click through and see this week’s three-panel sequence. The guy with a tattoo on his pec (to the right) takes a big load of cum in his mouth, plants a wet kiss on the lips of his fellow scene partner (to the left) and then Mr. Leftie proceeds to spit it out.

If you’ve recovered enough from your New Year’s hangover, leave a comment with your wittiest (or sexiest) caption for these three images. You can do it in a comic strip style—with three lines of dialogue or thought bubbles—or you can just sum it up with one simple statement. Once you’re done, we’ll sift through the entries for the best of the bunch and post the winner in next week’s post. Think you have what it takes? Prove it, you cocky motherfucker!

For those of you who aren’t coming up with anything good, we encourage you to click through, check out the current submissions and show some support by “liking” another reader’s caption. Who knows? It might influence our final decision.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Broke Straight Boys

Click through for the uncensored pic and last week’s winning caption:

Today’s image:

Last week’s winner:

It’s Manhunt‘s version of surf ‘n’ turf, according to Ospreyboi1122.