Breakfast In Bed With Jared

Sure, it might be too late in the morning for “breakfast in bed”, but do you really need an excuse to look at a cute blond guy standing naked in a kitchen? Nope! Our dear friends at Team Boro (who brought you my new #1 crush Tate yesterday) sent us these two exclusive shots of their model Jared, as a sneak peek of what else their site has to offer.

It’s not really clear why Jared’s bothering to cook anything on the stovetop, because all the breakfast I’d need is attached to his two fuzzy legs… I’m talking about his butt, people! I mean, who needs an alarm clock, when you can wake up with some ass in your face (or some lips around your dick)?

– Dewitt

Jared Jan19-12 0620 photo by Marlen Boro-2

Jared Jan19-12 0705 photo by Marlen Boro-2

(via Team Boro)