Bottoms Who Love Big Dicks Will Hate This Post

While I’m a huge fan of bottoms with big dicks, it’s become clear to me that everyone doesn’t share my enthusiasm. Some guys believe it’s a waste for a well-hung man to bend over on all fours, and that’s probably because they’re greedy cock-whores.

Just kidding! I can totally understand the frustration. It’s like finding the most beautiful ass on the planet, only to discover that it’s attached to a total top. Except in this case, it’s the reverse situation. You want that dick in your ass, and he would rather get plowed upside-down until the cows come home.

Those of you who fall under the “hung bottoms infuriate me” category will absolutely love this post. Tommy Deluca is packing an eleven-inch dick in those briefs, and we hate to break it to you… but he’s riding dick like nobody’s business.

Lucky for you, it turns out that Tommy’s actually a versatile top! You can now proceed to breathe a huge sigh of relief, as there’s now a possibility that he’d ram that monster schlong deep inside your hungry hole. Hope that makes things a little better for you!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: BentleyRace

To check out Tommy Deluca in action, follow the JUMP:

You start off drooling over that huge dick.

Nice! This guy’s totally gonna service that monster.