Behold: Ryan Stack’s Epic Return To Randy Blue

Did you miss me? Well, I’m back whether you like it or not! The holiday season is always a blessing and a curse. I’m forced to awkwardly interact with my family members, as I fall deeper and deeper into a frantic internet withdrawal. It’s not pretty, guys. While I frantically attempt to catch up with my RSS feed, I bring you what’s likely the most exciting thing that happened in my absence. Ryan Stack.

The absurdly attractive British lad, who was runner-up on our Best Dicks of 2011 list, has finally made his return to Randy Blue! First, he strips down in a smokin’ hot exclusive photo shoot, only to follow it up with something much hotter—his first man-on-man scene since getting blown by Trent Davis.

This time, Ryan goes all the way with well-hung (and extremely tall) boy next door Andrew Stark and gives him a pounding that he’ll never forget… Trust us when we say that this is way more fulfilling than when Patrick O’Brien lost his on-screen virginity. In a way, you can thank Andrew for that all-too-important difference. He’s so thrilled to ride Ryan’s uncut rod that the chemistry’s purely explosive!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

Click through for more Ryan than you’ll be able to physically handle:

With Andrew Stark:

Additional hardcore clips over here.