Andy Cohen’s Cute, Has A Million Dollar Book Deal

Check out the bad boy. You’d ride his hog, don’t lie. Andy Cohen is the openly gay ringmaster of the reality show circus over on Bravo, and it’s paying off for him. The well-endowed Missouri native  (I have it on personal authority that he’s packing, the Missouri thing is common knowledge) just scored a seven-figure book deal for his memoirs. You would think you’d have to be decrepit before writing your memoirs (or done something super important, cuz’ …Bravo?), but things move crazy fast in celebrity society. Justin Bieber has a book, why shouldn’t Andy?

He probably deserves the money. He’s an executive VP at Bravo AND he’s on-air talent. Plus, Cohen has to deal with people like Theresa Giudice, Rachel Zoe, and that wackjob guy with the lips from Flipping Out on a regular basis. Hazard pay.

– J. Harvey

For more shots of Andy (and for a cute bit he did for Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien’s YouTube series “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” Follow the JUMP:

And, interestingly enough, Andy with James Bond.