Album Review: Living Days

Attending a live performance by Living Days is a pretty unforgettable experience. Lead singer Stephonik Youth gives off a magnetic energy, working the audience like the androgynous and otherworldly spawn of David Bowie. It’s impossible to not get sucked in. Your body just submits to the music and starts flailing all over the place.

Unfortunately, very few people have actually heard of Living Days, and their debut EP The Make Out Room has become one of the most criminally ignored projects of 2010. While they’re not reinventing the wheel with their emotional, ’80s-tinged style of pop, it’s a must have for fans of The Cure and similar bands from that era.

“Lets Kiss” moves forward with an infectious beat that makes you want to run to the closest person and shove your tongue down his throat. “Go Oblivion” will give you visions of imaginary mosh pits, while “Bury The World” feels like a school dance that didn’t suck.

The EP’s weaker spots come in the form of two slower tracks, “Little White Lie” and “Romeo & Juliette”. The latter sounds like a sixth grade poetry project gone wrong, though the former does more than enough to keep the listener’s attention. Overall? This is definitely worth the measly $4.49 for a digital copy. Don’t sleep on it!

– Dewitt

To listen to the lead single “Let’s Kiss”, follow the JUMP:

The Make Out Room, Vol. 1 is available now on iTunes.