Beefy Fuckers: Kristen Bjorn Has Dudes Get Into Singlets And Then Get Out Of Them

Consider my spandex fetish triggered! I was scrolling through my porn mailbox when “SINGLETS” jumped out at me! You know I can’t get enough of dudes in stretchy. Kristen Bjorn has Wagner Vittoria and Richard Rodriguez pack their big cocks and muscle butts into some VERY snug singlets that can barely contain their boners. The […]

Kristen Bjorn’s Guys Just Go For It

Seriously, why waste time with a lot of talk? Kristen Bjorn doesn’t fuck around. Rainer and Peter Vasco are just two guys who are down to fuck. There’s a lack of beautiful scenery, very little conversation about feelings and how much they lust each other, and there ain’t a condom in sight! Nope, this is […]

Kristen Bjorn: Amir Dib And Felipe Ferro Fuck On The Furniture

Hopefully that couch is from IKEA. The story goes like this: Amir Dib meets up with his old friend Felipe Ferro and invites him back to his flat. The guys begin sucking each other’s hot cocks before Amir flips Felipe all over the furniture and fucks his ass hard and raw. That scene description from […]

What Kristen Bjorn is THIS?!

Because this is not what the emails I get look like.   I’m just going by the watermark on these ridiculously hot gifs, that this is really from Kristen Bjorn because usually the alerts I get about KB content look like snooze-fests like this:     But this, THIS is something ELSE:     I […]

Another Kristen Bjorn Three-way!

Studio Kristen Bjorn, known for creating dynamic three-ways where every cock is being used at all times, has just released yet another steamy scene. Once again, the hottest fuck-triangles occur in Bare to the Bone, Scene 8. Watch Rick De Silver get his cock sucked, while he’s chocking on John Rodriguez’s thick-girthy member, all while being […]

Hugh Hunter And Viktor Rom Enjoy Ice Cream And Each Other’s Dicks

Kristen Bjorn has taken the old advice for first-time cocksuckers (“Just pretend it’s an ice cream cone!”) and based an entire porn scene on it! Hugh Hunter merely stopped Viktor Rom to ask for directions, but accidentally drips some ice cream on his bulge. Fast-forward to Viktor making Hugh lick it off! His cock! Wait, […]

A Whole Mess Of Hot Dudes Have A “Wild Attraction” For Each Other

The literature for Naked Sword’s presentation of Part 2 of Kristen Bjorn’s Wild Attraction keeps it short and sweet. Allow yourself to be carried away by Wild Attraction. A game of hot, horny men, vengeance, passion, surprises and loads of sex! Lose control… Again! Ok, one of those kids is doing his own thing. “Vengeance?” […]

Gabriel Lunna, Antonio Miracle, And Vasily Mevas Are “HornDogs”

Kristen Bjorn is REALLY good at finding beefy fuckers to bareback each other. I was concerned for Vasily Mevas in the latest scene from their “HornDogs” series. Gabriel Lunna and Antonio Miracle (I love that name) look like they’re about to DEVOUR the less beefier boy. He gets licked, sucked, rimmed, fingered, and finally fucked! […]

Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday: Ice Hockey Porn!

Gay porn mainstays Kristen Bjorn usually summon up images of Nordic hot guys fucking amidst ice fjords. Ambassadors of the Ice takes that WAY literally. Here’s a bunch of hockey players fucking each other on the ice. In the hockey rink. In the net. I love whimsicality when it comes to porn. I also love […]

Horndogs: Gabriel Lunna, John Rodriguez, and Gabriel Taurus

Summers are meant for pigroasts. It’s Friday afternoon. Summer hours! You’re already home from work and it’s time to jerk off to relieve the week’s tension! We’re here for you! Get your cock in hand and check out Gabriel Lunna getting double-teamed by John Rodriguez and Gabriel Taurus. It’s Two Gabriels and a John! Way […]