Jaxton Wheeler And Pierce Hartman Are “Basement Boys”

First off, is Pierce Hartman now “Pierce Paris“? Check the Twitter link below. Secondly, he shot a HOT FUCKING SCENE with Jaxton Wheeler! Couple Jaxton Wheeler & Pierce Hartman, get down and dirty in the basement sucking each other’s hard cocks. Jaxton aggressively fucks Pierce’s tight asshole. Letting out all their stress on each other’s […]

Jaxton Wheeler Shows Julian Knowles His Gun

The ‘Gun Show’ is winding down from a long and successful weekend of gun sales. Julian Knowles is packing up his booth when he hears something unusual. He walks over to investigate and finds Jaxton Wheeler jacking off to a rack of semi-automatic rifles and pistols. When Julian questions Jaxton about what’s going on, he […]

Jaxton Wheeler And Gabriel Alonzo Try New Things

This sounds hot. I’m already hard just reading the description. Gabriel Alanzo and boyfriend Jaxton Wheeler are looking to spice up their love life. While reviewing a hookup bar online they both agree maybe it’s time to start swinging with other couples. They are both so heated by the idea. They end up all over […]

Jaxton Wheeler Helps Kory Houston Realize His Dream

Perchance to dream! While Kory Houston is creeping in Jaxton Wheeler’s room he starts jerking off to the thought of fucking Jaxton. In the middle of his jerking off session Jaxton happens to walk in and catch him. He is extremely turned on and decides to give him a hand. He then he gives him […]

Climb Jaxton Wheeler’s Tower Of Ass

I’ve often seen pics of nude dudes forming a rawdogpile, but never seen that tower of ass actually intruded upon! Until now! Bromo’s Jaxton Wheeler stacks Max Wilde, Pierce Hartman, and Cody Smith one on top of the other and fucks all three hot asses in a row! All that fuckable ass just stacked there […]

Colby Jansen And Jaxton Wheeler Double-Team Abe Andrews

The “Don’t Tell Mom” series from Colby’s Crew is my first exposure to Abe Andrews, and it will probably be my last. He took on Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler. SIMULTANEOUSLY. The cute young twink might be in Porn Star Heaven now. He probably exploded when Colby and Jaxton blew their loads! Imagine being spitroasted […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Jaxton Wheeler Ropes Max Wilde

Ooooo, Jaxton Wheeler RIPS his shirt off his beefy body in the teaser for Bromo’s Abandoned and I nearly fell out of my chair. The beefy majesty of Jaxton Wheeler! After watching him fuck close-up, I did wonder if I would explode with the force of his fucking and the bulk behind it. BUT I […]

Beefy Fuckers: The Colby Jansen Vs. Jaxton Wheeler Scene Is Here!

Remember way back in February when I brought you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming scene from Colby’s Crew featuring Colby Jansen and Jaxton Wheeler? You don’t? Well, here’s a reminder…   WELL, GET OUT THE LOTION CUZ’ IT’S HERE! They kiss and huddle on the bed, then start to strip. Jaxton’s stiff cock […]

On Set: A Sneak Preview Of Colby Jansen And Jaxton Wheeler For Colby’s Crew!

I THOUGHT the peak of my porn blogger experience reached last summer. That’s when I was on set to watch several scenes being filmed for the sparkly new Colby’s Crew. My worship of Colby Jansen is a known quantity so seeing the burly beastmaster naked up-close and fucking out the brains of newbies…well, it’s was […]