Falcon: Sean Zevran And Brandon Evans Soldier Up

Sean Zevran is Brandon Evans’ superior. That’s why Brandon’s getting his face reamed. *CHOKE* *GAG* Brandon gets his face reamed and then takes a taste of Sean’s big low hanging balls. Brandon loves every second of the impromptu action and takes every inch that Sean has to offer. Sean never waivers on his authority over […]

Falcon: Logan Moore And Jack Hunter Get “Intimate”

Intimate is kind of an understatement. Logan Moore and Jack Hunter are kissing passionately in their underwear and tenderly rubbing their hands up and down their muscled-up bodies. Jack gets on the floor to show his lust for Logan by taking his thick erection into his mouth. Jack stares Logan in the eyes as he […]

Falcon: JJ Knight And Blake Riley Go From “Heaven To Hell”

Falcon’s porn fable Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2 is fire! HELLFIRE! The latest scene features the lengthy-dicked JJ Knight putting it to the bubble-butted Blake Riley. There’s some blather about demons and devils and henchmen. Who cares? We’re here for the fucking. And fuck they do! Click here for more (bring your crucifix and holy […]

Falcon: Alex Mecum And Dustin Holloway Are Horny Contractors

My new sexual fantasy? I’m on a ladder painting. Near the top. And Alex Mecum comes up behind me, pulls down my pants, and starts rimming me. I’m stuck, so I just have to let him put his beautiful face between my cheeks and go to town. And his big arms are wrapped around my […]

Cumming Attractions: Falcon’s “Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2” Looks INSANE

Dean Monroe. Brent Corrigan. Sean Zevran. JJ Knight. Holy porn scene (and I mean that pretty much literally given the subject matter)! Falcon’s upcoming Earthbound: Heaven To Hell 2 features a heavenly choir of big porn names, some together for the first time (Brent and JJ date, so they’ve obvious fucked, hardy har har)! It […]

Falcon: Brent Corrigan Is A Grateful Home-Owner

Alessandro Haddad must be a helluva landscaper. Brent Corrigan definitely thinks so. A helluva landscaper deserves a helluva tip. This is why Brent buries his cock deep within Alessandro’s tight little bubble butt. Beats 20% and a bonus at Christmas! Corrigan is hot as balls in Property Lovers, and I could watch his abs flex […]

Falcon: Ryan Rose Fucks The Stuffing Out Of Austin Carter

I’m really enjoying Falcon Studios’ “Hook’d” series. The premise is that one hot dude finds a usually even hotter dude online, invites him over, they fuck, and scene! Austin Carter happens upon porn superhero Ryan Rose online and you would have to be insane to not want that man’s naked body in your home. Because […]

Falcon: Brent Corrigan And Ian Greene Get “Hook’d”

It’s the latest chapter of Falcon Studios’ Hook’d, and it stars the beautiful and famous Brent Corrigan. Brent’s been paired with Ian Greene and I think it’s a good choice. Is Ian on Manhunt? Gimme a sec while I check. Brent’s too famous but Ian… As soon as Brent arrives at Ian’s place, Ian gets […]