When The Sun Goes Down, So Do John Anders And Will Braun

Something strange happens in Unnamed Porn City when the sun sets! Dudes get horny! (That’s a weird city cuz’, in my city , dudes are horny all the time!) John Anders stalks Will Braun and his cum-pervious glasses until they make it happen. When the sun sets, these men’s sex drive ramps up. Will Braun […]

Will Braun Brings River Wilson Home

Will Braun is nervous to bring his new boyfriend River Wilson home to his new stepfather and stepbrother. Once they arrive they find the house to themselves, so they get to working off some of that nervous energy by plunging their holes to an orgasmic conclusion. Click here for more! Will Braun – Twitter River […]

Spider-Porn: Will Braun Saves Aston Springs’ Ass

If you’ve got a spandex fetish like your friendly neighborhood porn blogger, you’re gonna be SO boned over Spiderman : A Gay XXX Parody Part 2! Spidey lets loose webs of cum with the assistance of Aston Springs. Spidey is played by that little sparkplug of fuck greatness – Will Braun! And for the first […]

The Amazing Spider-Porn: Will Braun And Tobias

Who doesn’t love a porn parody? Especially when it’s a cock in spandex! The new Spider-Man flick comes out this weekend and MEN, per usual, is right on time with their parody. Will Braun plays the webslinger (my dream is still to jizz on his glasses someday) and he’s shooting his web fluid (that would […]

William Seed And Ryan Bones Make Will Braun Into Their Sex Toy

Now it’s Will Braun’s turn to get pounded by these two studs and he’s more than a happy to be a willing participant. Can I be Will Braun? Click here for more. William Seed – Twitter Ryan Bones – Twitter Will Braun – Twitter – Michael Xavier

MEN: Will Braun And Brad Banks Get Together

I get especially excited whenever I see those glasses. It means that Will Braun’s peachy twink ass is about to be violated. In MEN’s After the Hibernation, it’s bronzed Brad Banks doing the violating. This combo’s hot, the tanned against the pale and Will’s obviously having the time of his life on Brad’s big dick. […]

Will Braun Lost His Glasses, Got Fucked By My Secret Boyfriend Ashton McKay

I realize that Manhunt Daily has just about reached the Ashton McKay saturation point. Hand to the heavens, this will be the last Ashton McKay post for awhile. (Also, my OTHER secret boyfriend Colby Jansen is getting jealous.) This promo stood out to me because I immediately realized that Will Braun‘s trademark glasses were obviously […]