Micah Brandt Is So Hot That I Can Ignore Those Dumb Spock Ears

I have a sense of humor. I can get into a good porn parody. But Micah Brandt makes me sweat and the cosplay in this Star Trek A Gay XXX Parody is interfering with my enjoyment of this one. Jordan Boss is way hot, too, and it’s a testament to his hotness that he can […]

Micah Brandt And Sean Zevran: When Titans Fuck

WHERE HAS THIS PORN PAIRING BEEN ALL OF MY LIFE? Hopefully a pairing this intense is being advertised on the screens in Times Square! Hot House has Micah Brandt and Sean Zevran meet, sweat, slide, collide and FUCK for the gods and back again. I don’t even know what that means. I do know that […]

Beefy Fuckers: Micah Brandt And Johnny V

Johnny V is having a helluva week. (I realize he probably didn’t film the two scenes of his I’m highlighting this week during the same time period but work with me). Just the other day, “The Blonde Flattop” was tapping Michael DelRay’s (Del Ray?) ass. Today, he’s got the sex monster known as Micah Brandt […]

Micah Brandt’s Big Bubble Butt Gets Royally Reamed By Austin Wolf

Micah Brandt is a fuck-lympian and he’s having the time of his life.0 So big, beefy, bombastic Micah Brandt and his big, beefy, bombastic bubble butt are laying there all bound and gagged, just minding their business when Austin Wolf’s bulge approached. Methinks there’s going to be some fucking. A lot of guys would find […]

Titan Men: Micah Brandt And David Benjamin Fuck Like Planets Colliding

Micah Brandt! David Benjamin! Imagine Mars decides to take a breather from its orbit and just SLAMS into Uranus (that choice of planet was intentional)? The resulting multi-planetary chaos would pale compared to Micah Brandt and David Benjamin’s animalistic fucking. In the latest iteration of Titan Men’s Silverlake, “Mark” (Benjamin) is house-hunting and happens upon […]

TBT: Micah Brandt + Gabriel Cross: Muppet Baby Edition

When I found these pics last week, I had a really hard time saving them for a Throwback Thursday, because they were so fucking adorable I wanted to post them and yell about them immediately. But I did it. I waited. And now, from their long-ago Randy Blue matchup, here’s two of the best guys […]

A Trip To The Barbershop with Micah Brandt

Featuring your barber, Bennett Anthony!   See. This is the kind of roleplay I was describing in this post when I was bemoaning the elaborate setups and characters that some performers just don’t pull off that well.  This is exactly as much frame story as I need to get me into a situation. Is Bennett […]

Friday Night Muscle Fucking With Joey D + Micah Brandt

This is almost too good to be real. I’ve watched this clip about six times already since yesterday when it came in, and I know I’m usually like “OMG THAT’S SO HOT! I LOVE HIM!” but jeeeeeeeze you guys. This is the real deal right here. I’ve talked about Micah Brandt on here before – […]

Does It Fit: Micah Brandt Works It Out

I don’t even know what I can say about this video, posted today from god-like LA bae Micah Brandt. So instead, I’m just gonna play DJ for ya.  We’re making this another Does It Fit? First, watch this video. Seriously. It’s cool, and you’ll wanna see it a second time:     THEN, let’s fix […]