Luke Adams And Liam Knox Are Flip-Fucking For Titan

Check out Luke Adams’s metamorphosis from bubble-butted twunk to bearded daddy-in-training! HOT. Liam Knox, with his sculpted steel body, is the perfect mentor in this endeavor. He’s very cool to flip this fuck and let Luke take a crack at his rock-hard ass. Click here for more. Luke Adams – Twitter and Instagram Liam Knox […]

Beefy Fuckers: Liam Knox And Steve Roman Take A Shower

Let’s watch Liam Knox and Steve Roman get clean. Now let’s watch them get dirty again! And that’s just the crappy little GIFs I made. Wait til’ you see these beefy fuckers fuck! Click here for more! Liam Knox – Twitter – Michael Xavier

Huge Cocks: Matthew Bosch And Liam Knox Go “BOOM”

TitanMen’s latest is called BOOM. It stars Matthew Bosch and Liam Knox. And Matthew is PACKING. How did I not notice Bosch’s big, thick dick before? Titan – you need to market his big cock. Oh, and the BOOM of the title is obviously the feeling Bosch brings to Liam’s big ass when his cock […]

Beefy Fuckers: Liam Knox Puts Eddy CeeTee’s Ass In A Sling!

I know I’ve used an approximation of that post title before. It’s just too perfect! Titan’s “Sling” series keeps swinging the beef all over the place. This week, beefy fuckers Eddy CeeTee and Liam Knox flip-fuck themselves into a fugue state. Eddy’s ass ends up in a sling, and he rides those fuck waves as […]

TitanMen: Liam Knox Busts Bennett Anthony

This TAXXX drama from TitanMen is still keeping my interest despite being about taxes. And shady finances or something? (I repeat, we are clearly running out if ideas, but who cares – it’s about the fuck action.) Liam Knox and his made-out of-bricks bod bust ginger fucktarget Bennett Anthony’s rub-n-tug parlor. As run-n-tug employees have […]

Beefy Fuckers: Jesse Jackman “Auditions” Liam Knox

Jesse Jackman lives here in Boston with his beloved Dirk Caber and it’s so surreal when you see him out cuz’ JESSE JACKMAN. He’s about 330 ft. tall, 450 ft. wide, and you think to yourself – wow, I’ve seen you fuck and fuck righteously. He’s in TitanMen’s “Audition” series, and they’ve paired him with […]

Dirk Caber And Liam Knox Are Flip-Fucking For TitanMen

Dirk Caber and Liam Knox are feeling this fuck. You can see it in their faces! In TitanMen’s Audition, Liam ends his run abruptly when he comes upon (and eventually cums upon) Dirk. It’s smiles all around! He sucks Liam to the root, smiling up at him. Despite being the new guy, Liam Knox asserts […]

Liam Knox And Dallas Steele: 2 Men That Do More Than Kiss

Here’s 2 Men Kiss, which is such a silly name cuz’ they do way more than kiss. Well, they finally got around to releasing Liam Knox‘s scene! We’ve been teased with the beefy-assed TitanMen exclusive for what seems like ages now! Well, it worth worth the weight. Daddy supreme Dallas Steele takes the younger Liam […]

Hot Or Not: TitanMen’s Newest Exclusive Liam Knox

Manhunt Daily has the survey function back, and I am boned over it! Surveys are the balls! People LOVE having their opinion asked! Our penis size survey was a big hit! Let’s do it again! Meet TitanMen’s newest exclusive – Liam Knox! (You can find more of Liam at TitanMen.) – Michael Xavier “The moment […]

My Five Favorite Scenes: Dirk Caber

The other day I was struck by a falling-piano-out-a-window of inspiration! Instead of yet another post consisting of me blathering on about my favorite porn scenes, why not have an actual porn star blather, er, blog about porn scenes? Specifically, how about a porn star blogging about his own five favorite scenes? You get to […]