Fuck Vs. Fuck: Battle of The Bareback Double-Penetration Threesomes

Now that Dirk Caber‘s been triple-penetrated in MEN.COM‘s “Stepfather’s Secret”, will gay porn fans find themselves less impressed by good old-fashioned double-penetration? Will they stare at a double-stuffed hole with a bored expression on their faces, thinking to themselves that it looks way emptier than […]

In Which We Copy & Paste A Press Release About Toby Dutch’s 7-Man Gangbang With “Gay Barebacking Triplets”…

“It’s a safe assumption that six cocks are better than one. And if three of those cocks belong to gay barebacking triplets, even better. And if all of those cocks, on top of everything else are uncut, that’s for the best! “Toby Dutch knows this, […]