The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Various Bel Ami Models Who Are Not Lukas Ridgeston (II)

Most of you are going to break down within the next month and buy a membership to Bel Ami. In fact, you might as well just do it tonight. The highly anticipated Lukas Ridgeston comeback scenes won’t start streaming until October 23, but there are […]

Three’s Company: Lucio Saints, Adrian Toledo & Donato Reyes Do It In Barcelona

Oh hey, remember Antonio Aguilera‘s enormous penis? It’s in the same movie as this threesome between Lucio Saints, Donato Reyes and Adrian Toledo. Though there’s a portion of this clip that features Donato fucking Adrian, the majority of this encounter finds Lucio playing alpha top […]

After 13 Years In The Industry, Dean Monroe Says Goodbye To The Gay Porn World.

Fuck this! If everyone hot keeps retiring from porn, who the hell am I supposed to write about on Manhunt Daily? Flawless bottom slut Dean Monroe announced on his blog today that he’s quitting porn for good, after several US studios (allegedly) refused to work […]