Bennett Anthony’s Long Drive Leads To A Hole In One (Lucky Bottom Named Tom Faulk)

Is any sport less sexy than golf? If there is I can’t think of one, and yes, I’m counting bowling. I guess it’s a matter of taste—I prefer sports where there’s a lot of sweat and physical contact, although I suppose there’s something to be […]

An Interview With Tayte Hanson: Watching Straight Porn, Promoting Safe Sex & Why He Has Long Hair

Tayte Hanson, an exclusive model for Cocky Boys, is currently sitting at the summit of The Ten, so I thought I’d check in to see how he’s doing and what he thinks about all the attention he’s been getting lately. Hanson might prefer not to […]

The Ten: Who Will Replace Andrew Justice As The Sexiest Man of The Moment?

To start off, let’s congratulate gay porn DILF and universally-praised escort Andrew Justice for spending eight consecutive weeks as the “Sexiest Man of The Moment“, remaining entirely humble and grateful to his fans throughout the process. We can assure you this won’t be the last […]