CockyBoys Has Determined Their Top Ten Scenes of 2016 (Here’s The First Five!)

As I recently stated on Twitter (you ARE following us on Twitter, right?), there were SOME things that were good about 2016. Hell, there were things that were downright FANTASTIC. The sheer quality of the scenes and performers that CockyBoys produced this year is pretty […]

The “One Erection” Finale Guest-Starring Colby Keller Is Here! (And Cocky Boys Is Half Off For Just A Few More Days!)

It’s true, Manhunt Daily caused a stir this week when I sorta/kinda accidentally posted the entire finale of Cocky Boys’ porn mockumentary “One Erection.” Yeah, I’m a dummy. They were just being nice and giving me a sneak peek. But Jake Jaxson and the gang […]

Colby Keller Is The Special Guest In The “One Erection” Finale (And Cocky Boys Is 50% Off!)

Holy pivotal porn moment! Did anybody else know that porn Jesus Colby Keller was going to be guest-starring in the finale of the porn boy band “One Erection” saga? Famed Cocky Boys’ auteur Jake Jaxson was kind enough (seriously, thank you, Jake!) to gift us […]