Popular Demand: The Week of Daddies, Erotic Hypnotists & Mark Ruffalo Naked

Today is the last day of the glorious, utterly perfect erotic celebration known as International Masturbate To Mark Ruffalo Week, so if you haven’t paid your dues by dancing awkwardly in tighty whities, inappropriately simulating oral sex or simply jerking off to any of his […]

Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: The 10,000,000th Return Of Eddy Adams’ Ridiculously Thick 9 x 8 Inch Dick

It’s become a weird Manhunt Daily tradition for me to announce the “return” of extremely well-endowed porn model Eddy Adams, even though he hasn’t really ever gone anywhere over the past couple of years. While he is probably one of the least enthusiastic tops in […]