Ryan Murphy, creator of pretty much everything gay on TV, to be honoured for inspiring LGBT youth

Ryan Murphy has championed LGBT+ representation for years across his many TV shows ‚Äď which include¬†Pose,¬†American Crime Story,¬†American Horror Story¬†and¬†The Politician. His works from¬†Glee¬†to¬†The Normal Heart¬†have hoovered up GLAAD Awards over the years for their diverse queer storylines ‚Äď and now Murphy will be honoured […]

ABC told ‚ÄėBatman‚Äô actor Burt Ward to take pills to ‚Äúshrink‚ÄĚ his bulge

Holy shrinkage, Batman! There‚Äôs method acting, and then there‚Äôs‚Ķ whatever this is. Burt Ward, who played Robin in the camptastic¬†Batman¬†series which ran on ABC from 1966-1968, has waited over five decades to reveal just how far he was asked to go for the part. The […]