Absurdly Gorgeous Brazilian Models Manage To Make This Lana Del Rey Song Somewhat Bearable

Watch this video now, because we can guarantee it’ll be pulled from YouTube by the end of the day! G Magazine and The Week have teamed up with photographer Elian Gallardo for “Acquaplay”, an essay featuring male models Veiga Diego, Lukas Rodriguez, Marlon Santana and Peter Petry. This behind-the-scenes clip […]

Norwegian Wood

This is the way EVERY country’s Office of Tourism should handle their marketing. A group of nubile young lads calling themselves Onkel Saft in Trondheim, Norway have filmed a couple of vids trying to up tourism in their fair city. I don’t know about you, […]

Popular Demand: The Week In Which Nothing Else Actually Mattered Except Colby Keller

What happened last week on Manhunt Daily? Everything and nothing. There was this mini-breakdown, shortly after this post about Stuart Reardon. We suppose we got into a fight with someone? And, last but not least, you got pissed about me saying that Cody Cummings is […]