Young Bastards: Barebackula Has Some Competition

Gay vampire porn is a little off-trend but it’s still hot and hilarious.

October is probably my favorite month of the year. Halloween is Gay Christmas (seriously, I’d much rather fuck a guy in a slutty costume than deal with Christmas music). I don’t sweat as much during my commute. Foliage. Please note I’m not mentioning anything pumpkin-spiced. And horror movies are everywhere! Thus, the studios are coming up with some hilarious vampire spoofs. There’s a scene over at Young Bastards called Diego’s Hole For The Prince of Darkness and now my life is complete. Happy Halloween!

Fuck you, Barebackula! Meet “Tirion” (a fanged Jordan Fox)! He’s a centenarian vampire” from the Ukraine who “needs sex very often if he’s to keep his superhuman powers.” As one does! Enter “Diego” (Marc Humper). Tirion’s hypnotic dick turns Diego into a “submissive slut.” I knew my sluttery was actually due to having been hypnotized by some hot fuck vampire!

He makes him suck his cock, forcing it down his throat, enjoying the warmth and wetness of his victim’s mouth. A mouth is not a bad start for our horny vampire but Diego’s ass is what will unlock the full power of the prince of darkness!

Oh thank you thank you thank you, Young Bastards. Watch more of Diego’s Hole For The Prince of Darkness below, and you know you want to watch the entire scene here.

– Michael Xavier