You Like Us! You Really Like Us! (Well, Maybe)

Sexy Andrew Christian models get wet.

Oh hey! I guess we did something right in 2012! Without even trying, we developed a reputation as the number one source for Andrew Christian videos. They recently announced the nominees for their OMFG AWARDS, and we’re currently in the lead for the “Best Blog to mention Andrew Christian” category.

You might be wondering right now, “Why should I care?”

Well, here’s the simple answer—you don’t have to care! But you might as well vote for us while showing your support for Quinn Jaxon, Colby Melvin, Brandon Brown, Nicco Sky, Steven DehlerMiles Davis Moody, Pablo Hernandez and Sean Paul Lockhart, all of whom are nominated in various categories (and all of whom gave you massive boners at one point or another this year).

Go here to vote! Because it’s your duty as an American (or non-American) citizen.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Andrew Christian

Click through to see Andrew Christian’s hunky digital Christmas card:

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