Would You Hit That?: Jude Law, Right Now

Jude Law is looking less Hollywood than he’s ever looked. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! As far as I’m concerned, he’s even more attractive as a “normal” person, versus the polished movie star we see on screen… Then again, I’m not one to turn away a man for love handles, bald spots or whatever the hell you call that style of facial hair. His body’s sort of perfect to me, and the extra meat on his ass and thighs doesn’t hurt either.

How about you? Hypothetically, if you were sitting on the beach and Jude walked over in his yellow shorts to invite you to his place, would you grab your stuff and run away with him? If so, what would you do once you got him behind closed doors? Rimjobs? The correct answer is rimjobs, all around. The correct answer is always rimjobs.

– Dewitt